Join us, the new nature writers. Exploring, in words, the outer and inner wilds.

We're fusing nature writing, travel writing, philosophy and psychology. Poetry, prose, fiction and non-fiction.

New nature writing is creative, expressive, adventurous, joyful and fun. It's "groundbreaking, thought-provoking, politically challenging, society changing."- Robert McFarlane, The New Statesman

It's nothing like nature writing as we once knew it...


Re-wilding nature writing. To survive, and to thrive

With her focus on learning from nature, and the embodied, holistic experience of the storyteller, university tutor and psychotherapist Bridget Holding is revitalising traditional creative writing teaching.
— The London School of Economics Literary Festival 2017
Bridget takes the best from both traditional learning techniques, and more intuitive approaches. She hit perfect pitch in meeting our needs. An opportunity to work with her is absolutely not to be missed.
— James, United Kingdom
I loved being part of a generous, joyful community of different sorts of people, imbued with the arts and imagination, passionate about our world, united by a love of words… oh, and there was the fantastic food, magical sunlit scenery, comfortable accommodation and fine wine too…
— Erla, Scotland
I’d thought that working more, and harder, would get me there. This week taught me I was wrong. By enjoying being with others in nature and throwing words together, everything came, and effortlessly. Magic!
— Kerry, Australia

Wild Retreats

in the South of France


In Autumn and Spring we gather. Wild Words invites co-leaders (artists, writers, storytellers, ecopsychologists, poets, musicians, actors, environmental activists, journalists)  to come and faciliate expression in the wild environment of the Pyrenees in southern France.

It’s an immersive week, a week of exchanging passionate and powerful ideas, of engaging all of our senses. A week of becoming the wise and intuitive animal that we are.  Feeling with every nerve in our body, this place, and the heritage held in the tracks of the earth. A portal for relating to the power of nature, our innate wildness, and putting that into words…. Join us! 

Mentoring Scheme

Time To Finish That Book, Get Up On That Stage or Have Those Conversations? 

Liberate your wild self, and your wild storyteller. 12 months of support and guidance to get you there

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Enter the Wild Words Writing Competition

We may be yearning to fill our potential as storytellers and to craft words that slip off the tongue, or leap off the page, but at Wild Words we know that it’s not always easy to unchain yourself from everyday responsibilities, break out of the box and just write.

This competition acts as a friendly elbow in the ribs, a quiet kick in the shins. It’s a carrot to get you scribbling.

It runs twice a year and celebrates the Spring and Winter solstices. Each solstice there's a new theme to inspire your entry. The closing dates are the 21st June, and the 21st December.