Join Bridget for a week-long writing and storytelling escape in the wild Pyrenean mountains of the South of France with a group of like-minded people and on-hand tutor support. These relaxed immersive retreats are forays deep into nature and your imagination, set against a background of good food, sunny days, blazing camp fires under starlight nights and comfortable accommodation. Experience the thrill of a shared exploration of some truly wild places.

The residential writing weeks are facilitated by Bridget and expert guest teachers.

Suitable for fledgling and experienced wordsmiths – learn skills and techniques to support all types of fiction, non-fiction, prose and poetry writing, as well as oral storytelling, spoken and sung-word. 

Writing Retreats in 2019 take place at Le Presbytere, Bugarach, Languedoc Roussillon, France

The next one will be... Monday 11th until Saturday 16th March 2019

Prices between £675 and £800, all inclusive (full board, alcohol, tuition and activities)

Non-residential places also available


What to expect?

We get out there into nature. And tell stories.

Wild Words 'experiments' in crafting words, are based around guided experiences in embodiment and nature.

We'll be tracking wild animals, foraging for wild food, swimming under waterfalls and tasting wines straight from the vine.

You can also have the opportunity of 1-1 tutor sessions during the week.

  • Have space just for you. Share your stories. Be heard.
  • Identify and liberate the one story that needs to be told, that has been calling to you from within.
  • Release stuck energy, and move into flow.
  • Master the tools that will make you an effective writer or storyteller, and learn to enact them instinctually. 
  • Come to understand links between your self, and what you create in the world.
  • Discover your power, sense of purpose and aliveness.
  • Re-create your self as you’ve always wanted to be, through expression in words.
  • Learn to trust your embodied, gut knowing.
  • Discover how to act from intuition, without apology or a need to justify.
  • Allow, accept and find voice for the parts of yourself you have historically hidden or restricted, because they don’t fit, or conform to what’s expected of you.

Be truly who you are, and act unashamedly from that place.

You’re welcome to come into the wilds with us.


An example day schedule from an immersive retreat week

7am-8am                      Sunrise writing practice/yoga or movement (optional!)

8am-9am                      Breakfast

9am-11am                     Theory and experiential

11am-11.30am              Coffee break

11.30am- 1pm               Theory and experiential

1pm- 2pm                      Lunch

2pm- 3pm                     Rest time, or 1-1 session

3pm- 5pm                     Writing in Nature (visit to hot springs, waterfall etc...)

5pm- 5.30pm                Tea break

5.30pm- 7pm                Private work time, or 1-1/peer support session

7pm- 8pm                     Dinner

8pm- 9.30pm               Sunset writing practice/yoga or movement (optional)

                                      (Final evening- wine tasting, presentation of work)

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