Thanks very much Bridget. The course has been a really interesting exploration through writing of the way the mind works. I’ve had some great moments of insight into myself. I’m not sure exactly how this will translate into my future writing but I know that I now have more confidence in what I am capable of doing.
— Lucy, United Kingdom
Thank you Bridget, for all your time, support, kindness, understanding, wisdom, insights, expertise and encouragement throughout the course. I’ve enjoyed it and learnt a lot.
— Emma, United Kingdom
I find life more interesting these days. It’s like I see it in full colour, now I write about it.
— Miranda, United Kingdom
Thanks so much again for your guidance and very helpful feedback through our just-completed writing course. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and gained a lot from it.
— Comfort, New York
The workshop I attended changed my life. The process I went through in the guided session laid a lot of ghosts to rest and has let me move on from the past. And moreover, to be happy. Thank you.
— CH, United Kingdom
It’s been a wonderful experience to submit work and have it published on Wild Words. In my experience, you do not hear from an editor for months or maybe a year! However, I had a very quick reply from the editor, Bridget Holding. She also gave me a clear time frame for when my piece would be published. It has been an enjoyable experience to be able to add my voice to the community of writers brought together by Wild Words. I have had a lot of feedback too; from family, friends and peers. When I described my process as a poet, I didn’t hold back from truth. You don’t know what you’ll get when you share your writing, but I believe that truth is always a gift.
— JW James, United States
I found Bridget extremely approachable and easy-going. She’s passed on her expertise in a way that has been straightforward and incredibly stimulating. Her deep understanding of psychology sets her apart from many tutors, and has allowed me to go deeper with my characters, to find the emotional heart of the story. Bridget’s continuing support and understanding has ensured that I have persevered at times when I may have given up on pursuing my dreams.
— Julie, United Kingdom
I’m taking an online course at the moment. I LOVE the line “Writing saves lives.” Thank you for so many reasons that I won’t go into. I have to keep re-reading. This is not because it isn’t ‘going in’, but because it IS going in and is resonating in such a profound way that I can’t quite believe my ‘luck’ in opening such a conceptual treasury. Thank you.
— Heather, United Kingdom
Bridget, thank you for your insightful feedback and for making this a really enjoyable course - varied, thought-provoking and crafted to make us dig deep and release our creativity.
— Sebastian, United Kingdom
I spent years focusing on my writing, but it seemed to just get smaller and tighter. It was only when I did the ecourse that I realised I’d been avoiding the difficult stuff, that I can’t separate my writing from myself. I became creative again. And, I became someone who gets paid to write. At last!

— BL, France

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