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Words And The Body Retreat

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Finding flow and creativity in writing/spoken word and Chi Gung

Writers, poets and storytellers through the ages, have spoken of experiencing ‘flow’, of channeling their work. They’ve experienced the creative process as something bigger than themselves.

We have so many ideas as writers. This course is an exploration, through words and movement, of how to cut through the concepts. You’ll learn to write from a deeper and more connected place, to align yourself with the creative source, and liberate the story you need to tell.

During our time together at Torné, we’ll talk about the vital role of storytelling for our survival and thriving as human beings. You’ll see how writing takes much less effort than one might think, and how ‘writer’s block’ is purely in the eye of the beholder :-)

You’ll be equipped with key writing/storytelling skills, and equally importantly, you’ll go on a journey to find how conscious use of techniques fits with aligning ourselves to the source…

While Bridget Holding focuses primarily on word enabling, Ram Chatlani will offer another perspective on creativity and flow by working through the body with three principles: chi-energy; tzu jan-spontaneity; wu wei-doing not doing.

Booking opens in September 2019. If you’d like to be amongst the first to receive a booking form, register interest via the contact form here , or email

Anyone with an interest in crafting written, spoken or sung words is warmly invited. All levels of fitness, and mobility welcome.

Please bring any current writing projects and story ideas…

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