From block to flow

Think for a moment about the word ‘block’.

‘Block’ is a metaphor that has its origins, (like most metaphors) in our embodied physical experience.

  • How do you experience writer’s block in your body- as constriction, or tension, or hardness perhaps?
  • Where in your body (if anywhere) do you feel it?

Now, think about the word ‘flow’.

  • Again, where do you experience flow in your body?
  • How would you describe the qualities of it?

Move your attention precisely but gently between the place in your body where you feel block, and the one where you feel flow. By pendulating between the block and the flow in this way you should notice the block gradually start to unwind, or ease.

I’d be fascinated to hear your experiences of undertaking this exercise, if you’d like to put them down in writing and send them to me.