The Devil Is In The Detail

Effective writing is all about detail. Are you willing to roll up your trousers and shirt sleeves, and get in there. Really?

Impatience, fear of feeling strong emotion, rushing to get to the end. These things get in the way of writing in sufficient detail.

Want to heighten the emotion, or draw out the tension? The best way to do this, is via detail.

MORE DETAIL. These are the two words my university creative writing tutees are sick of hearing this week (and most other weeks).

Ask yourself: Is it the process you love, or are you just trying to make those millions and be universally loved? If it's the latter, re-consider your profession.

Writing often takes longer than we think. Sometimes twice as long if we want to go to real depth.

Take more time.  Love what you do.

Here's some encouragement to look on the micro-level: