Writing Resolutions

What if, when I wrote, I was to infuse the sheet of paper with the star freckled galaxy? What if I poured the seas into my pen? And made every mark on the page, the scratch of a lion’s claw?

What if, in the capital letter, was the howling of wolves? In the underline the mole tunnelling? In the flow of words the swimming of dolphins? In the comma the river whirling round rocks? In the speech marks the tweeting of birds? In the full stop the grunt of a boar?

And in the turning of the page the wind hurtling through mountains?

What if, in the exclamation mark, was the cormorant diving? In the brackets the eagle ruffled his plumage? In the question mark the hare was up on his back legs, sniffing? And in the blot I make because I write with my left hand, I found the walrus sunning himself on a rock?

Today, with my first A I will make an assault on Everest. With my last Z I will skate on frozen Lake Superior and between them I will dive deep in the vast oceans with the spirit of a pioneer, I will traverse the globe.

First published November 22nd 2012