Dog Days by Stacey George

This poem, by Stacey George, was one of the two runners up, in the Wild Words Winter Solstice Competition 2017. 

 Dog Days

The Dog Star shines when I am almost due;

My belly stretched by the presence of you.

I squint at the sunrise on swollen feet;

Heliacal rising heralding heat.

I tell you of Sirius, that you too


Might appear like the brightest beam: on cue.

This Celestial Wolf will chase us through

The scorched Dog Days of summer, till we meet.

The Dog Star shines


On us; the past glows across the bare blue

Skies. You turn within me: a nested doll who

Seeks release. Then, as I stare, I retreat

Eight light-years before I heard your heart beat.

Yet I knew you, I think. And, as I do,

The Dog Star shines.

Stacey George

Stacey George