My Wild Words: Gila Nehemia


My writing this past year has focused on my erotic desires as a path to healing and spiritual enlightenment.

My pieces are frequently in natural settings which brings out the inherent authenticity, chaos and wild ambiance.

It is my mission to engage readers in sacred erotic experiences. I believe that our desires stem from our divine soul’s remembrance and it is our responsibility to listen to these desires, trust our intuition and fulfill our desires. By fulfilling them we can purge our body of emotional fear of repeating past experiences and reach our soul’s highest journey.

We might feel that society constrains us from being wild, natural, animalistic, or fully sexual. I support the belief that it is inherent in our nature to be sexual and to express it in any way we desire as long as the people in the situation are consensual adults. It is the experience of mutual respect, adventure and desire that can create a divine, sacred experience.

Not long ago in India and many other regions of the world sexual acts between people were revered and considered sacred. Personally, I feel like I am remembering a time when sexuality and eroticism were the ultimate sacred acts since it connects us to creation and true connection.

I write from my own experience and I embellish my pieces with my feelings while adding references to the senses which include visuals, touch, sound and occasionally smell. I find that the addition of the senses enhances the writing enabling the reader to visualize the experience.

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Mesmerizing Music

His body gyrated in the soft grass
as the musical vibrations reverberated against my body
Bare chested, his manly hair visible
I could not stop myself from fantasizing as I closed my eyes
I had this uncontrollable desire to take him right there
Pull down his shorts then slowly his briefs
Slowly press my taut body against his
Bring him down to his knees as I gracefully slid under him
Begging me as I teased him, seduced him
“More” he said emphatically, he took a breath
He managed to whisper my name in my ear seductively
“More what?” I smiled naughtily as our twinkling eyes met
“Tell me how you like it,” I cooed
He flipped me to a standing position, opposite him
In an aggressive yet soft, consented manner
My body floated in mid air as his strong arms held me
He kissed me passionately, lovingly
His tongue found mine, curling matching my
Desire, we were on fire
He picked me up again with his strong arms
My legs wrapped around his lower torso
His mouth sucked my breasts gently, gradually he increased strength
Got me excited, I stopped thinking
Drank me whole with his eyes
Felt all my senses come alive, mindful
I grabbed his hair
Moaned his name
He took me standing as my arms and legs clutched his body
We surrendered crying out, lost in the movement, present in the moment
As I awoke from my reverie
My body swayed erotically to the rhythm
My arms opened, flew in the air
His body turned, his piercing eyes gazed hungrily at me
Our eyes met
My heart skipped a beat, time stood still
The music vibrated thunderously as it mesmerized our bodies