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Writing A Short Story: From Beginning to End


The writing process can sometimes feel overwhelming. In this course, through the writing of a short story or narrative poem, you’ll learn a system for chunking down any project into bite-size, do-able pieces. 

You’ll choose your idea and start writing. You’ll be supported to negotiate moments of stuckness and block, to complete the first draft. Moving into the second draft we will consciously apply specific tools to bring passion and power into your story. These will include: emotion, sensory impressions, narrative structure, and dialogue. You’ll come away with a beautiful product, of publishable quality. You’ll feel satisfied and invigorated by the process.

Outline of the week: 

Day 1: The natural storyteller. The5 key elements. The 3-act structure.

Day 2: Point of View. Setting up thewriting environment. From start to finish. How to write a first draft.Openings.

Day 3: The second draft stage.Sensory impressions. Body Sensations.

Day 4: Emotion. Power and passion.Hooking your reader/listener and keeping them.

Day 5: Movement and Rhythm. Endings.Readings.

Exercises in all keystorytelling/writing techniques, is underpinned by creative writing andpsychological theory. 

This course is suitable for fledgling and experienced writers, and writers of all types of fiction and non-fiction. Please arrive at the first session with three ideas, each of 25 words or less, that could form the basis for a short story or narrative poem of up to 2000 words. 

Booking via Uppingham Summer School

Later Event: September 7
Forest Spa Writing Retreat