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Live A Wild Life: survive and thrive
to May 5

Live A Wild Life: survive and thrive

For those who work in environmental organisations, and/or would like to access creativity and health.

We will be both playful and serious, using body-based work, arts, writing and nature, to explore our relationship to the inner and outer ‘wilds’. Re-wilding ourselves, for our own survival and thriving, and that of the planet.

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Forest Spa Writing Retreat
to Sep 9

Forest Spa Writing Retreat

Hot Tub far 1 final copy.jpg


7-9 September 2018, 3 days 2 nights. 

Bromesberrow Estate, Bromesberrow, Ledbury, Gloucestershire HR8 1RZ 

£277 per person (Includes tuition, workshops, spa, lunch & dinner with wine)  See accommodation options below

Bathe in words under a forest canopy with this exceptional writing retreat.

Bridget Holding, founder of Wild Words, and Hetti Dysch, wilderness facilitator will offer a series of inspirational writing workshops and mindful nature meditations.  Designed to unleash your wild creativity and develop key writing skills, this retreat will set you off on a path for completing your own projects.

Set in a stunning location, this retreat will also explore the psychological and traditional literary symbolism of ‘forest’ as a place of contemplation, creativity and transition.  

There will be the opportunity to revitalise in Forest Spa’s eco wood-fired spruce sauna and hot tub, enjoy delicious rustic gourmet food and sleep in the forest with a range of simple but charming accommodation options.

Fledgling and experienced writers, in any genre, welcome.

Accommodation options (Includes breakfast)

£100 per person (2 nights): Pixie Gypsy Pod with 2 sharing in single beds, bedding included

£65 per person (2 nights): Glamping Dome with 6 sharing on comfy camp beds, bedding included

£35 per person to camp: BYO tent / bedding

Booking via:  07850 401759


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Writing A Short Story: From Beginning to End
to Aug 24

Writing A Short Story: From Beginning to End


The writing process can sometimes feel overwhelming. In this course, through the writing of a short story or narrative poem, you’ll learn a system for chunking down any project into bite-size, do-able pieces. 

You’ll choose your idea and start writing. You’ll be supported to negotiate moments of stuckness and block, to complete the first draft. Moving into the second draft we will consciously apply specific tools to bring passion and power into your story. These will include: emotion, sensory impressions, narrative structure, and dialogue. You’ll come away with a beautiful product, of publishable quality. You’ll feel satisfied and invigorated by the process.

Outline of the week: 

Day 1: The natural storyteller. The5 key elements. The 3-act structure.

Day 2: Point of View. Setting up thewriting environment. From start to finish. How to write a first draft.Openings.

Day 3: The second draft stage.Sensory impressions. Body Sensations.

Day 4: Emotion. Power and passion.Hooking your reader/listener and keeping them.

Day 5: Movement and Rhythm. Endings.Readings.

Exercises in all keystorytelling/writing techniques, is underpinned by creative writing andpsychological theory. 

This course is suitable for fledgling and experienced writers, and writers of all types of fiction and non-fiction. Please arrive at the first session with three ideas, each of 25 words or less, that could form the basis for a short story or narrative poem of up to 2000 words. 

Booking via Uppingham Summer School

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Tracking Down Your Wild Words - a Survival Kit
to Aug 17

Tracking Down Your Wild Words - a Survival Kit


A step-by-step guide to surviving and thriving as a writer. Cultivate the key skills necessary to unleash passionate, powerful words. Then, learn how to harness them on the page without losing your sanity.
Bridget draws on her experiences as a psychotherapist and film-writer, and her work with writers through her company ‘Wild Words’.
She’s noticed that there’s a certain freedom from restraint, experienced by Swanwickers as they leave their normal lives for a week, which feeds into the discussion on what it means to write wild, rather than write tamed.
Being a writer is a dangerous job, but is there anything else in the world you’d rather be doing?   

Booking via Swanwick Writers' Summer School


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Wild Words Day workshop
10:00 AM10:00

Wild Words Day workshop

In this creative writing workshop, Bridget introduces techniques to strengthen writing in all genres (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, spoken word). Skills taught will include:
– Using sensory impressions
– Harnessing emotion
– Moving from creative block to creative flow

Bridget will devote time to the ground-breaking work, and flourishing market, of the ‘new nature writers’ whose mission is to rebuild community and reconnect us with the natural world.

All levels of experience welcome.

Booking through Lavenham Literary Festival. 

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6:30 PM18:30

The New Nature Writing: A workshop

Barnwell Country Park. As part of the Oundle Festival of Literature.

Nature writing is now one of the fastest growing genres; the new generation of nature writers are selling like hot cakes. Come and find out about the market, and how to write for it.

It’s no longer the idealised rural life and landscapes of the pastoral poetry tradition. It’s raw, edgy, groundbreaking, thought-provoking, politically challenging, and society changing. It takes in poetry and prose, fiction and non-fiction. It fuses nature writing, travel writing, philosophy and psychology. Its writers heal and find meaning through contact with nature, and so do its readers.

Us nature-writers are no longer regarded as something akin to train spotters. We’re cooler than Madonna! Join us. 

Tickets available from

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